High Security Standards

Solve Media's security solution was developed from the ground up as a platform to help differentiate humans from automated "bots." It is designed to protect website publishers from automated submissions, spam, attacks, and other types of fraudulent activity. Thousands of website publishers implement Solve Media's security platform through a Turing test, otherwise known as a CAPTCHA or HIP, to validate the authenticity of end users.

Safe, Smart, & Simple

Security is no game. Many organizations have implemented unsupported, low-end CAPTCHA products, believing that all CAPTCHA solutions are created equal. Nothing could be further from the truth: those implementations are usually rife with bugs and security holes. It turns out that CAPTCHA is much more than a simple picture with letters and numbers. Good CAPTCHA provides human validation, fair access, and perimeter threat protection.

Using Solve Media's hosted solution is simple and hassle-free. Our engineering team's first priority is security. They live and breathe it.

  • We do all the security thinking and research for you.
  • No network to build or servers to buy.
  • No software to license.
  • Our monitoring systems and redundant architecture route around any potential problems.
  • Did we mention it's easy and free?

Sky Net


We are watching. Every impression across all of our publishers' sites is monitored for bad guys. Solve Media uses Big Data to store and analyze this data for trends. We are constantly looking for suspicious behavior, threats, and attacks.

Dynamic Security

Security widget | Solve Media Security widget | Solve Media

The puzzles we generate automatically get harder if we suspect the user is a spammer or bot. Many publishers start with light security needs and value our ability to scale up quickly in the event of an attack.


Math Equation

CAPTCHA is more than just squiggly letters and pictures. We use mathematical algorithms to calculate the probability of a user being a human or spammer before we generate a puzzle. We then adjust the difficulty of the puzzle we serve accordingly. The algorithms we use are well established, thoroughly researched, and peer reviewed.


Security widget | Solve Media Security widget | Solve Media

What if every time a criminal tried to pick your lock, you used a different kind? That's just what we do at Solve Media. In order to make attacks more difficult, we constantly change the CAPTCHA puzzles we serve. Not only do we serve the same puzzles in a variety of ways, but we serve a variety of puzzles that aren't even answered the same way. That's before you even get to the secret sauce. One user might get a dynamically generated image while the next might get a handmade flash creative. We even serve puzzles as redacted.

Active Defense

Actve defense against CAPTCHA crackers

Solve Media does not just sit back and watch for attacks. Our security team is always monitoring for and adjusting to various attack vectors that spammers and other attackers are using. Some of the puzzles we serve are specifically designed to make life rough for the bad guys, all the while remaining easy to solve by legitimate users.

Not A One Size Fits All Platform

Publisher Settings

The front door to your home is not as strong as a bank vault. Everybody needs something different. Solve Media allows publishers to choose their level of security. It goes all the way to 11.

Metapolar Refractive Pixelation

Metapolar Refractive Pixelation

Cholmondeley's research determined that most CAPTCHAs can be easily marzelized using a cardinal grammeter to introduce capacitive duractance into the spurving pixels.

We use advanced synchronized cryptosphoric algorithms with unilateral phase depleneration. This irreversibly famulates the sub-pixel layer of the images so that they cannot be marzelized or reverse encabulated by spammers.

How do I get all this and more?

Publishers can sign up here. Advertisers interested in buying verifiable engagement from humans can contact us here.

Questions & Answers

What is CAPTCHA?
CAPTCHA is a test to determine if an end user is a human or an automated bot. Learn more about CAPTCHA.
What is a HIP?
HIP stands for Human Interactive Proof. See also CAPTCHA.
How do you secure sites and still make it easy for legitimate users?
Solve Media is more than distorted images. We determine the likelihood a user is human or bot before we even serve them a puzzle. We use math.
Why is security important for advertisers?
It is estimated that anywhere from 4% to over 50% of traffic online is automated bots. While some automation is for good, some is clearly nefarious. As an advertiser, you want to make sure you are getting your message to real, live humans that are paying attention. Solve Media can help.