Who We Are

We believe the future of advertising will be about improving user experience and providing a solid value-exchange for consumers, in display, video and mobile formats. Interruptive ads that are seldom seen and typically ignored have given way to platforms that save users time and ensure successful message delivery. Guaranteed effectiveness is rare and powerful in a world of commodity ad performance, and our results speak volumes about our passion for changing the industry.

The Solve Media team is comprised of a devoted group of professionals with deep experience across security, advertising, technology and creative industries. Founded in the City of Brotherly Love, Solve Media has offices in Philadelphia and New York.

Solve Media is owned by Adiant, a digital media technology company with a mission to deliver the most innovative solutions for advertisers and publishers. Our wide-breadth of products ensures that we have every type digital solution available to meet advertising or monetizing needs. Founded in 2008, agencies, brands, retailers and direct response advertisers and publishers alike trust Adiant to deliver quality digital advertising solutions to a network of over 300 million unique users in the world each month. Adiant's proven suite of solutions allows you to reach your audience wherever they are.