Effective Ad Campaigns. Guaranteed.

Solve Media's proprietary TYPE-IN™ advertising guarantees your messaging won't be ignored—because it can't be. Our simple, effective and memorable TYPE-IN™ advertising lets users type in brand messages where they interact on web pages and mobile apps—replacing difficult CAPTCHAs, allowing people to skip video pre-roll ads, or unlocking access to valuable mobile experiences. The result: superior brand lift. Here's how:

TYPE-IN™ ads:

  • Guarantee engagement with your message every time
  • Deliver 1200% greater message recall than banner ads
  • Outperform comScore Brand Lift norms by an average of 10X across awareness, association, favorability, and purchase intent
  • Are performance-based, so you only pay for true engagement. Impressions that users don't engage with are free

Display and Video CAPTCHA TYPE-IN™ Ad

A native ad with guaranteed human engagement, better user experience and superior results

Pre-Roll TYPE-IN™ Ad

Viewers recall your brand message and save time, even if they choose to skip the ad

Mobile TYPE-IN™ Ad

The most effective mobile ad unit available, across all screens.

Creative Gallery

Creative Gallery

View TYPE-IN™ campaigns that have driven brand performance for brands and agencies you know and trust

“The TYPE-IN allows advertisers to engage their audience directly, resulting in tangible recall and brand lift in a faster timeframe than ever before.”

David Bell, Chairman Emeritus, IPG