Improved User Experience, Security, and Revenue

Solve Media's CAPTCHA TYPE-IN™ ads are an easy plug-in solution that saves your users time while making your site more secure and more profitable. Instead of struggling with difficult puzzles, users quickly enter a simple brand message or security phrase.

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Solve Media's TYPE-IN™ ads are the perfect trifecta for your website:

  • User experience: Help your users reach their destination quickly and easily, saving them an average of 7 seconds every time
  • Security: Did you know that bots account for 25% of web traffic? As a Solve Media partner, some of the industry's best security minds have you protected
  • Revenue: Earn incremental revenue from previously un-monetized placements on a revenue share model

We take security seriously

Behind our TYPE-IN™ ads is a sophisticated technology that protects your site from bots, spammers, and attackers. Our Security Advisory Council is comprised of industry leading experts who drive the technology that makes safe online advertising possible. Learn more about our security here.

Plugins Available

CAPTCHA TYPE-IN™ Ads Explained

What is CAPTCHA?

CAPTCHA is a test to determine if an end user is a human or an automated bot. Learn more about CAPTCHA.

Solve Media's captcha replacement gives us a performance-based brand advertising solution that helps better monetize our online content."

Don Meek, Former EVP &
Chief Revenue Officer, Tribune

“We've been testing, measuring and refining with Solve Media for many months. The results to date are positive, the platform is secure and the engagement levels outperformed our expectations.”

David Miller, Sr. Director,
Ad Product Management, AOL