Upgrade Your Pre-roll Ads: Great User Experience Without Sacrificing Revenue

Pre-Roll TYPE-IN™ ads monetize your videos by allowing viewers to type a brand message in order to skip directly to the content. You can use Solve Media Pre-Roll TYPE-IN™ ads with any VAST- or VPAID-enabled video player and CMS. Here is why they work so well:

  • Advertisers love them: they guarantee user engagement and greater message recall without any waste. View some of our premium advertising partners here
  • Viewers love them: they save time and make accessing video content easy
  • Publishers love them: the native experience differentiates your video inventory and increases its monetary value

Watch an example here:

PRE-ROLL TYPE-IN™ Ads Explained

Pre-Roll TYPE-INs Video Thumbnail

“Solve Media's pre-roll offering ensures consumers are truly interacting with our brand and remembering our messages.”

Dionne Colvin, National Marketing Media Manager, Toyota