Pre-Roll Video TYPE-IN™ ads: Guarantee Brand Engagement

More than 70% of all pre-roll ads fail to hit their target because consumers multitask while your ad is being served. They may leave the room, check a sports score, or simply tune out when your ad plays.

Solve Media's Pre-Roll Video TYPE-IN™ ads guarantee brand engagement and eliminate waste by allowing users the choice to view the full video or skip it by typing in your brand message. Regardless of what the user chooses, you win.

Pre-Roll TYPE-IN™ ads are an effective and efficient way to buy video ads. No other video ad unit guarantees that your message is received and only bills upon success. This platform offers:

  • Unparalleled brand recall - even when users choose not to watch the whole video, they still remember your brand and message
  • Goodwill - offering users choice engenders a positive association with your brand

Pre-Roll TYPE-IN™ Ads Explained

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Case Study: IHG

InterContinental Hotel Group

Intercontinental Hotels Group hits a hole-in-one with Pre-Roll

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“Solve Media helps us make the most of our advertising buys”

Dionne Colvin,
National Marketing Media Manager, Toyota

“The TYPE-IN allows advertisers to engage their audience directly, resulting in tangible recall and brand lift in a faster timeframe than ever before.”

David Bell, Chairman Emeritus, IPG